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In Transition

    In Transition group meets prior to each monthly meeting at 5:30 pm.

    HRA values its members and is there to assist them when needed. When members are out of work, the job search can be lonely and long. HRA can help members through times of transition or if they want to change careers or jobs. The In-Transition Group meets once a month prior to dinner meetings.

    • Job leads -- you may not be interested in every job lead you get but others may share them
    • Critique each others resumes, cover letters, elevator speech and Interview techniques
    • Help individuals with getting focused on what they really want....what's their career objective
    • Explore skill sets and competencies and discuss best fit jobs
    • Share experiences on various job boards and techniques that you learned that are valuable
    • Setting up agent(s)
    • Job Boards that seem to have more HR relevant positions
    • Job boards that have great resource materials or suggestions
    • Share contacts: Networking opportunities, contacts, experiences (good/bad or otherwise)
    • Challenge each other on being pro-active
    • Networking events and contacts
    • Resumes sent
    • Provide each other with emotional support and keep the enthusiasm going

    If you would like to join the group or plan on attending a session, contact Carol Asselta, at

    If you’re “in-transition” and have been an HRA member for at least the prior 12 months, you can attend an HRA dinner meeting at a discounted price of $20.  You must attend the intransition meeting just prior to the HRA dinner meeting you registered to attend at the discounted intransition rate.  HRA will pick up the remainder of the dinner meeting cost, i.e. $15. Each time someone receives a discounted rate, the $15 is deducted from the $500.

    If you register for a dinner meeting and you are “in- transition” you can pay at the door and receive the discounted rate. Registration will have a list of members eligible for the discount.


    SHRM transitional member benefits: