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Wage/Benefit Survey

    The Human Resource Association of Southern NJ is proud to announce the publication
    of the HRA 2021 Wage Survey. This survey is part of a continuing effort
    to provide HRA members an opportunity to participate in a survey that provides local
    information from the Cumberland County, Gloucester County, Salem County and Cape
    May County companies that is more relevant to member companies. Participating
    companies receive the survey report free.  Non-participating companies have an opportunity
    to purchase the survey report (information below).

    The purpose of the survey is to assist local Human Resource professionals to
    • Attract and retain top professionals
    • Optimize your organization’s compensation strategy
    • Determine your competitive market position


    HRA members who did not participate but would like to purchase the survey can do so
    for $55. Non-HRA members can also purchase the survey report for $105. Please take
    a moment to review this page outlining highlights from the survey. Please contact us if
    you need additional information. To purchase the survey, contact Alan Dean at or if you have questions contact Alan at