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Workforce Development

    Resource professionals, we are well equipped with knowledge to share to assist individuals in becoming "workforce ready". This may include how to write a resume that makes sense to the reader, how to network effectively or prepare for an interview. It's easy for us and comes rather naturally, especially with years of practice! This type of knowledge that we may take for granted, is often the key ingredient that holds back a qualified individual from obtaining their next job.

    The Workforce Readiness programs we produce are committed to increasing an individual's knowledge, skills and abilities to define and land the next job in their career path. In addition, we provide experiential workshops to provide an understanding of the behavioral skills that employers desire to ensure on the job success. We are ready to answer that all important job seeker's question, "What is the employer really looking for and how do I communicate that during an interview and on the job?"

    Some of the activities are:

    • Partner with local schools to share information. Identify and evaluate issues that impact workforce readiness and develop goals for chapter workforce readiness strategy.
    • Report on workforce readiness issues to chapter members and serve as advocate at chapter activities for education programs.
    • Serve as a resource for chapter members on workforce readiness issues and provide leadership to the chapter on education issues.
    • Monitor local activities concerning workforce readiness and provide timely information on education issues to the chapter president and state workforce readiness director.
    • Work in cooperation with state workforce readiness director.
    • Develop and support workshops and seminars that address workforce readiness issues.
    • Represent the chapter in the human resources community.

    We encourage the sharing of information and the involvement of our members to support the development of the local workforce and to facilitate a common approach to enhance the workforce. If you are interested in being involved, contact John Knoop,, 856-237-9732.