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SHRM Foundation

    Every year the HRA has contributed to the SHRM Foundation. Why? The Foundation does a great deal of research, provides education and publications to advance the human resource profession and enhance our effectiveness as HR professionals. They are not funded by SHRM and donations are very important to their continued efforts and success. Some of the major initiatives are:

    Publications (books published with the Foundation support, such as Making Mergers Work, Federal Wage & Hour Laws and Issues in Employee Leave)

    Education (such as the HR Games for colleges)

    Find an HR Master's Program (special presentations at the National Conference)

    Enhance Your HR Knowledge (information on a variety of topics)

    We encourage others to donate - contact Patti Murphy. Remember, the SHRM Foundation:

    • is a 501 (c)(3) charitable, not-for-profit organization that operates as the research and development arm of the HR profession.
    • advances the profession and enhances the knowledge and competency of HR professionals through its funding of research, publications and educational programs.
    • is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors from the HR profession. It includes academics, practitioners and representatives from the Society for Human Resource Management.
    • is supported by tax deductible contributions from individuals, companies and organizations. The Foundation recognizes all contributors in its Annual Report and in a special insert in HR News, and in other materials.
    • funds major research projects that have a direct and practical impact in advancing the profession. It no longer funds doctoral dissertations.
    • funds practical publications on specific issues (such as Issues on Employee Leave). And supports scholarships, SHRM chapter educational matching grants and other educational initiatives.
    Click on the SHRM Foundation logo if you would like to donate

    For more information visit:

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