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Chapter Goals

    Strategic Objectives

    • Increase Membership (10-15% annually-long range target 100 members)
    • Increase SHRM affiliations (increase 10% over current %)
    • Increase Chapter diversity
    • Increase membership Certification

    Increase Meeting Attendance and Participation

    • Continuously increase attendance percentage of membership (>25 @ mtg. to 50%)
    • Have committee chairs and/or members provide information at meetings
    • Develop methods to enhance networking

    Increase member involvement in organization (10-15% annually)

    • Increase number of members taking an active role, i.e. chair a committee, take on a one time initiative, speak on a particular issue, facilitate an ice breaker, etc.
    • Increase Grassroot Membership
    • Develop Succession Plan

    Operational Goals

    • Hold a sweepstakes to award a lucky HRA member free registration for the SHRM National Conference in San Diego.
    • Provide a $500 scholarship to a Cumberland County College student pursuing a career in Human Resources or a related field.
    • Increase the number of certified chapter members through coordination of a study group or partnership with a local college.
    • Make related video and reading reading resources available in conjunction with our dinner meeting topics.
    • Contribute $1,000 to the SHRM Foundation (link to foundation page) to be partially raised through proceeds of a monthly 50/50.
    • Continue to support the Garden State Council.
    • Continue to support our local student SHRM chapter.
    • Enhance website to include online meeting registrations!