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    Performance Improvement agreements for repeat offenders

    Does anyone have suggestions on how many performance improvement agreements are too many?  I have an employee who does well, then bad, then well, then bad....

    How many chances are too many & in what time period?  Thanks! 

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    Is anyone using Paylocity for HR/Payroll System?  What's been your experience?

    Thank you!

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    Reapply after positive drug test

    Hi chapter members.  

    I want to reach out and see what our chapter members may have with applicants waiting period to reapply after a positive drug screen.  My prior employer offered a 6 month waiting period and I'd like to see what other companies may be doing.  If you offer this reapplication after testing positive, please email with your waiting period.  Thanks so much.  


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    Have you had experience with Paycor as your HRIS system?

    Hello Colleagues 

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    I wanted to reach out and see if any of you have had experience with Paycor.  We have began implementation of the new system and wanted to chat with anyone who currently has or has worked with Paycor in the past.

    My email is i




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